Hello Dear Friends, My name is Michalia Dawes Founder of Anti-aging Health Solutions.  Having been in the fashion and beauty business for the past 44 years, self preservation and maintenance, has always been my passion.  It is amazing how powerful visualisation and positive thinking is,  I remember in my late teens, before retiring at night, visualising how I would look in my outfit the next day. I have used this powerful thought process throughout my life, at each stage of my life whenever I have needed to correct or enhance my appearance whatever I have needed has materialised.

Hence as I reached the age of 37, just as I needed them, I was introduced to facial exercises, I was so excited!  I immediately realised the potential.  Having reach middle age( ?) I still have the body of a 25 year old and the face of someone in their mid 30 s.  I feel privileged and fortunate to be in such a position, that I have a burning desire to pass this information on. A former Model and Fashion Designer,  I have been in the trillion dollar Health and Wellness Industry, for 20 years.  As a Senior Sales Director with a well known Skincare and Cosmetic, company, teaching men and women how to take care of their skin, training and teaching others to do the same.

Later Personal Trainer of Facial Exercises, and developed Facial Yoga a passive massage workout for the face, within a 2 hour facial treatment to delay ageing. I have since developed a complete anti-ageing health programme.  Which includes facial fitness (facial exercise), facial yoga, (facial massage) internal cleansing, weight loss and healthy eating.  Using this programme I have successfully knocked 25 years off my own biological age…naturally! Putting this programme online makes it available to help you.

4 years ago I had the opportunity to take a deeper look inside my body, using the amazing QBI Body Scanner.  I was pleasantly surprised as I had the onset of osteaoporosis, I was pre-diabetic, my memory was fading fast!  I was horrified!  This was definately not what I expected to see, but it makes sense, years of low fat intake and reduced calaries to maintain weight.  So I set to work to reverve the situation.  Which I did!

Now my passion has hit the roof, as I understand the health system, the drug industry, and how miss imformed most of us are.  You can reverse most health concerns. The body will heal itself if you give it what it needs.  I have developed optimum health courses to approach the body holistically, to achieve optimum health.

My approach is imternaal cleansing dietary modification and supplementation, the aim is to help you to acheive optimun health through natural healing, by taking resposibility for your own health using prevention rather than cure as an alternative.  Cleanse – Restore  –  Renew  –  Revive

This is a health center with lots of information, that I hope will be of interest and of help to you

I hope I can be of service. to YOU. I look forward to getting to know you.

Wishing you a great day.

Michalia Dawes

Optimum Health Consultant

Detox Mentor & Anti-aging Expert

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