Healthy eating and Ant-Aging go hand in hand, if you are not accustomed to healthy eating some of the reasons may not seem apparent or obvious.  But nutrition is a key factor in the war against premature ageing, good health and disease.




Great source of vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and Minerals are paramount to provide the vital nutrients the body needs to fuel the body, building blocks for strengthening the immune system, much needed antioxidants to fight free radicals, which destroys and breaks down the body at a cellular level.  Fuel to provide much needed energy to carryout daily tasks.

The best food groups for the body are:  Whole natural foods, Vegetables, Fruits, Whole grains, Nuts, Seeds, Good Fats, Legumes and Beans.   Eating natural food will give the body its best chance to get the vitamins and minerals it needs providing you with a varied and balanced diet..






Balanced meal plate

A balanced plate of food



It is important to eat at least 3 balanced  meals per day to give the body a constant flow of slow releasing food, such as the whole food listed above.  Contrary to popular belief snacking is actually good for you.  Eating 6 small meals per day will help to speed up the metabolism and give you lots of energy.  Forget processed food as it robs the body of nutrients and give the body a false sense of security by giving a short burst of energy.  But then comes the low energy slump, leaving you feeling lethargic and tired, more importantly no valuable nutrients to the body.




Cinnamon helps boosts the immune system

Cinnamon helps boosts the immune system


You can give yourself the best chance to protect yourself from disease and premature ageing, by eating healthily.  Providing proper nutrition helps the body to nourish, build and repair the body. A strong immune system protects and fights disease.  Eating healthy food groups listed above eliminates, the bad things for the body such as preservatives, excess salts and sugar found in processed food, valueless calories.




Fibre rich foods

Fibre rich foods


Eating healthy foods provides valuable fibre needed to keep the body regular, protecting the colon from decay and speeding up the metabolism as natural foods contain less calories.  So you can eat less and feel full for longer whilst giving the body more nutrition.





B Vitamins foods 2

B Vitamin Foods


Most depression and mood swings can be prevented or reversed through healthy eating.  Metal agility and function is very dependant on getting the right vitamins and minerals to help the body perform efficiently and effectively.  The B vitamins  and Omega 3’s are  essential for proper brain function.  So eating all the above variety of food groups is necessary for a feel good factor, to help fight depression and mood swings.






In the fight against anti-ageing, premature ageing, good health and disease we need to eat a healthy balanced diet full of all the food groups, fresh vegetable, fruits, whole grains, bean legumes, nuts, and seeds.  As we get older to fight weight management and obesity we need to eat less, as the metabolism naturally slows down.  But fundamentally as we get older we actually need more vitamins and minerals to stay younger for longer in our quest to keep our youthful looks and to feel good factor.

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