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Product B contains five botanicals which have been clinically proven to work together synergistically to switch on genes in the body to produce massive amounts of natural Antioxidants. 

Normally oxidative stress levels increase as we get older. This is one of the factors that leads to aging. The consumption of these five botanicals for just 30 days has been shown in published clinical trials to reduce the oxidative stress levels to that of a twenty year old.

Could this explain some of the changes that people are observing so rapidly after starting Product B?The video about explains this process and why this is  fundamentally a new approach to antioxidant therapy and vastly superior to taking antioxidant vitamins, fruit, and juices.

Scientific  Facts

I am so impressed with Product B’ anti-aging benefits that I have added it to my anti-aging Optimum Health Program – Anti-Aging.

Recorded changed of Dr John A Marxs MBBS, BSc., (Hons) after taking Product B ingredients for over 12 months.


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