How fabulous would it be to be able to have a visual and current model of the condition of your overall physical and mental health.  You could know immediately with an amazing 95% accuracy the fundamental status of your health.

Heart – kidneys – liver – Digestive System – Pancreas – Brain – Lungs – pH Levels – with an overview of Hormone Levels Stress Levels – Immune System 

  • Mineral and Vitamin – Deficiency and Requirements
  • Organ Function and Status
  • Bone Density
  • Blood Sugar Levels
  • Thyroid Function
  • Fertility
  • Prostate Health

Health Issues

Taking responsibility of your own health is a necessity and not an option.  Personal accountability makes sense and puts you in control of your own destiny. Investing in yourself and your health can save you and you family alot of pain.  Putting prevention ahead of cure wins hands down every time.

As health and well-being affects so many areas in our lives, there has never been a better time as scientists discover and develop new ways to combat disease in the body.  New drugs to help the sick on one hand and new supplements and natural compounds and ways to prevent disease in the body. Prevention of disease goes back along way as hippocrates in 460 BC over 2,000 years ago said “Let they food be they medicine and let they medicine be they food” This still stands today, but truely you are what you digest.

Earlier this week it was breaking news announcing that dementia has over taken heart disease as the number one cause of death in the UK.  In the same week also news, liver disease is also rising drastically, both these concerns could be spotted early and addressed by the QBI body scan giving you peace of mind and the opportunity to change the out come.


About the QBI Body Scan

The QBI body scan works with the electro magnetic field of the body, within minutes you can get a 95% accuracy of the state of your overall health.  The QBI treats the body holistically covering all aspects of the body.  The system gives you answers so you can correct imbalances, giving you the opportunity to corrrect preventing progression of disease.  Most disease stem from a deficiency of a vitamin or mineral or an acidic body, which causes inflammation.

Why Take the Test?

Seeing the results of the QBI scan in black and white will give you a great motivation to change your lifestyle, if you need to. It may save you life, by giving you the inspiration do tackle a concern that you have about your health.  It may hightlight a concern that you have and was not aware of so you can treat it before you need drugs to maintain your health.  You have the opportunity to reverse ill health holistically if you wish.  As general maintenance to ensure optimum health.

As alternative therapists we work on prevention as an alternative solution as opposed to cure, providing natural solutions to moderately abnormal and severely abnormal results of your test for repair, renew and reverse, holistically.

Who Needs to Take The Test

  • Anyone who is health conscious
  • If you have an health issue
  • If you have aches and pain
  • If you want to take responsibility for your own health


QBI Health Scan Test  & Consultation on:

–  Vitamins

–  Minerals

–  pH Level

–  Human element (Composition of the Body)

–  Large intestine (Colon)

   Test –  Results and Consulation     Price £75.00


QBI Health Scan Advanced Testing & Consultation on:

Full Body Scan QBI  33 Body Composition

Test –  Results and Consultation       Price £120.00


Note:  This service is available offline only, by appointment.

To Book an appointment  Call  07888117281

Group Bookings also available


For more information Email michaliadawesonline@gmail.com



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Body pH Levels