Splashing Water


Simple water, we take it very much for granted, it is a natural source of nature, in some countries it is a scarcity, we have it in abundance in many forms.  Tap water, bottled, natural, sparkling, distilled water, purified, sports water, etc…  We are very privileged.

Did you know the body is 70 to 80% water?

Did you know most of us do not drink nearly enough of it?  Shameful , as we have water at our finger tips.  Most of us are suffering from dehydration on a daily basis.  Not drinking enough water is one of the major causes of premature ageing and illness on a major scale, from arthritis to cancer.




Drink 2 glasses of warm water first thing in the morning, then 30 minutes later half a lemon squeezed in a glass of warm water. at least 30 minutes before breakfast.  It is important to  drink 2 to 3 litres of water daily, or 8 glasses of water throughout the day.  it is important to sip your water throughout the day, not drinking more than a few ounces each 30 minutes.  Drinking too much water all at once or too quickly will overload the kidneys.


Drink a glass of water before bed, but not too late to disturb your sleep! Try not to drink water at least 2 hours before retiring to be.
So it is important to drink a steady flow throughout the day. Drinking water also helps with weight loss as it helps to break down fat.



Most of us have an acidic body composition, disease thrives in an acidic condition which is the main cause of ill heath and disease. Water therapy combined with a healthy lifestyle, helps to alkalise the body.  Disease cannot thrive in an alkaline environment, so the most important decision for you to make today is to make the decision to alkalise you body.




Alkaline Hydrogen Water Filtration System, oxygenates, energises, purifies, hydrates and mineralises the water. Filtrating through several layers to eliminate chemicals, bacteria, pesticides etc. The Alkaline water pH balances the body from an acid state to an alkaline state, a more healthy condition Disease and bacteria thrive in an acidic environment; as most of us have a body that is in a more acidic state. The alkaline water changes that as we drink it. A alkaline water filtration system is recommended by Dr Robert Young the Author of pH Miracles as vital and necessary for a healthy living program, he is an authority on health and nutrition and has researched on water and the blood for over 30 years.


I recommend alkaline water as it balances the bodies pH, which should be 7.4 or above. Alkaline Water hydrates, oxygenates, purifies, mineralises and ironizes the body.  Alkaline water neutralises free radicals.  Free radicals are the cause of most degenerative diseases, which accelerates premature ageing.  Alkaline water also breakdown fatty tissues, therefore helps with weight loss


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