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There are over 1100 different families of free radicals; they attack the body from the core of our body cells.  They are created by airborne emissions, which we breathe in, destroying body tissues, from the sunlight, and chemicals produced by our body cells as they burn fat to produce energy.  These free radicals breakdown healthy tissues – called the oxidation process. Think of an apple exposed to the air or iron or steel rusting.  Our bodies produce its own antioxidants to neutralise and breakdown free radicals.

But unfortunately as we age our ability to breakdown free radicals dramatically deteriorates.  By the age of 40 our antioxidant level is down by about 50%. As we get older this percentage drops even lower, to about 10% by the age of 70.  This is what we call the ageing process. We need help!


Breakdown free radicals – Prevent cell damage

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Antioxidants are taken in daily from our diet.  The most popular antioxidant vitamins that we recognise are Vitamin C and E, Beta carotene, and Bioflavonoid. In fact, there are many more antioxidants that most of us are not aware of. Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) determines how well certain foods help our bodies to fight certain disorders such as cancer and heart disease.  Oxidation and oxygen free radicals, the process which leads to cell damage, can be prevented or limited, by a high intake of antioxidants. It is well recognised that consuming a diet rich in fruits and vegetables equips us better to fight off serious diseases, such as heart disease and cancers.  Raising your antioxidant levels is anti-ageing; antioxidant supplements will help you in your quest to stay younger longer, mentally and physically.

Products that will help

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Anti-ageing         –    Life Pak –  Repairs

                             –    Marine Omega     

Heart health       –    Argy 29 –  Clears Arteries

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