Botox altenative – How does it work

What is richibrown Organic Natox and how does it work?

Richibrown Organic Natox works the same as normal Botox, however the science application is different in as much as that we do not require the use of Botulinum toxin in order to achieve a reduction in facial lines (wrinkles)

Instead of using a chemically induced reaction, richibrown organic Natox utilizes a science based on quantum physics.  The secret is in the manufacturing process which uses electromagnetic fields and high energy discharges at specific frequencies to create uniquely structured resonating molecular crystals in solution.

These microscopic crystals (measured in angstroms i.e. smaller that nanoparticles) give off a specific frequency that disrupts the synapse between the nerve ending and the muscle, resulting in a relaxation of facial lines.

One can see that the same effect is achieved by utilizing a different science.  The effect may take a little longer than BOTOX, however richibrown Organic Natox  is completely safe, with no side effects and no need for needle injections.

Organic Natox

Richi Brown’s Organic Natox, alternative to conventional Botox,  a green product that is completely natural, and safe with no testing on animals.  Without the need for invasive surgery, is a great alternative for those wanting help to turn back time for a smooth, youthful appearance.


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Richi Brown Organic Natox

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