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1. The Importance of Dietary Supplementing the Body

Dietary supplements are an integral part of a healthy diet plan and lifestyle today, as fruit and vegetables are depleted of minerals and vitamins, because the soil from which they are produced are depleted, they are not as rich in minerals as generations gone by. Therefore supplementing your diet of essential vitamins and minerals is very important to maintain a good general health. It is recommended to supplement yourself with a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and trace minerals. Not only do we not get enough vitamins and minerals from our fruit and vegetables, but busy lifestyles mean we do not eat regular meals, to get all the diverse variations of nutrients that we need to stay healthy.


2. 5 Reasons why we need dietary supplements in our diet

  1. The fruit and vegetables are sapped of vitamins and minerals
  2. Fruit and vegetables sometimes have to travel across the globe to reach our supermarkets.
  3. Then they sit in our fridge and vegetable baskets for additional length of time!
  4. Cooking kills water-soluble vitamins and minerals
  5. Irregular meal consumption or skipped meals


3. Eating Organic Food

Eating good quality fresh organic fruits and vegetables are the best way to get the most nutrients from our diet, but this is not possible for most. Although the price of organic food is coming down in price, it is still out of reach for most people. Another option is to grow our fruit and vegetables. Lots of allotments are popping up all over the country, those who choose to have allotments are the health conscious brave, taking matters into their hands! But then again this is just seasonal, and the majority have not the time, energy or desire to grow their vegetables.


4. Good Quality Health Supplements

We aim to help you solve this problem by linking with Amazon! We have our own Amazon Store, which you can order from the comfort of your armchair, delivered within the several days to your door, operating in most countries around the world, isn’t that great? Most of the health supplements are tried and tested by myself. I believe that these are some of the best supplements on the market. Some of the health supplements I tried to source for myself and customers offline I could not find on the high street. However, they were easy to source on Amazon, where I found every I required. So I decided to set up a store that I am adding to it all the time. This makes it easier for customers on my courses to source the health supplements I recommend to help with deficiencies, or maintenance. You do not have to be on one of my courses to use the store; anyone can use it.


5. Recommended Customers – Become a Preferred Customer

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