Are you feeling tired, fatigued and bloated everyday?

Tired of Having This Annoying Problem?

  • Feeling tired, low energy levels, aching joints, feeling bloated, pain reeking havoc in your life?
  • I believe I have the solution to your problem
  • We service our cars on a yearly basis, but we do nothing to service our body on a yearly basis and it is killing us.  Causing us pain suffering severe health conditions, toxic overload and premature aging.

Hi, I'm Michallia. your optimum health expert, pleased to meet you, I have 40 years of experience in health, beauty and anti--aging, it is my mission to assist you in giving you natural solutions to your health challenges. 

Taking resonsibility for your own health is to key to good health, 60 is the New 40!

Today as I write this message to you we have a new tax on sugar, this is good news.  This is the first generation in history that we may out live our children  The past 40 years have changed our lives beyond recognition as pre-cooked meals, fast food and hectic lifestyles, rob us of ours and our families good health.   It is not our fault the temptations are all around us.  With preprepared meals, over sugared, so called healthy drinks, fast food on every street corner and supermarket shelves packed with processed food.

The results of this is too much hidden salt and to much hidden sugar, too much processed food and too little time to make time for ourselves.  We can change this it takes 21 days to create a new habit

I feel your pain, low energy levels stops you from being and doing the things that you want to do, constantly feeling overwhelmed with tiredness and aching joints, makes you misarable and depressed. You many have a specific personal reason for being tired, but there are several common reasons for this, the main reasons, are toxic overload, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and an acidic body, which brings on inflammation the killer phenonema for chronic disease.

5 Signs you have over toxidity in your body

1. Constant fatigue      2.  Stubborn Weight Gain      3.  Constipation     4. Muscle Pain    5.  Skin Reactions

Would you like to have renewed sky rocketing vigor and energy levels everyday? 

Gut health is the centre of most of your tired, bloating and fatigue, only the past few years have health specialist openly tackle the culprit, hence most of us overlook gut health.  Gut health is affected by everything we put into our mouths, from how much or how little water we drink to the occasional treat that we may sometimes give ourselves.  Gut health does not only involve organs necessary for digestion, but effects our heart and brain, immune system and homones, so when trying to solve the problem of being tired, fatigued and bloated, gut health is where we need to start.  Removing toxic build up , restoring and rejuvenating.  Cleansing, adding good vitamins and minerals and dietary modification.

Destroyers of Gut Health: Processed Food, anything that is made in a factory, processed, pre-cooked, tinned or bottled.  Dairy, most people are gluten sensitive, but do not realise, and do not associate being fatiged, tired and bloated with gluten intolerance.  Too much sugar, processed or natural, sugars create alot of damage to the system.  Most food that we eat turn into sugar in the body.  This is were low glycemic food helps the digestive system.  Alcohol is heavy on the whole digestive system.  Food additives.

Gut Health Builders:  Probiotics are needed to build good bacteria needed for good health, good bacteria produces vital B vitamins needed for celluar repair, and the immune system, whilst bad bacteria feed on sugar and the very nutrients that we need for well being.  Prebiotics, fibre needed to feed probiotics, they work together to produce a good enviroment for good gut health.   Fibre or lack of fibre is very prevelent in most of our diet, lack of fibre causes constipation as fibre acts as a bulking agent to help our bowel movements.  Gluten Free or lack of gluten free causes alot of bloating, as the body finds it hard to digest this protein  so gluten free helps to stabalise, heal and  build good gut health.  Does this make sense to you?

Internal Cleansing is the way forward to gain back your vitality, energy and gut health

Internal cleansing is the key component in treating the cause of your tired, fatiged and bloating as it gets to the  root of the problem. There are many remedies that can be brought from over the shop counter that will help     our sympthom, but that is a temportary measure.  Getting to the cause of the problem is the answer.  The answer is getting rid of toxic build up of waste, mucus and inflammation.  Illiminating processed food for a period to         clear and heal the body.                                                                                                                                                                              

Dietary modification is the key to improving all digestive condition.

How are you feeling?  I hope I am not boring you with all my internal cleansing stuff :)  I am here to give you the bare essentials to solve your problems.  It is short term sacrifice for long term gain.  Dietary modification of all processed food and replacing them with fresh fruit and vegetable, organic if possible.

​So it is understandable why we have so many problems with bloating, tiredness and fatigue, considering all the bread , cereals, and high glycemic food that we consume on a daily basis.

​So lets recap:  Step 1. to decrease tiredness, increase energy levels, and reduce bloating you need to, internal cleanse to reduce toxic waste, get rid of parasites, mucus and inflammation.  Step 2. Dietary modification to change the digestive environment, by improving gut health with probiotics and increasing fibre with fruit and vegetable.     Step 3.  Non process food consumption.  Simple, easy and effective.  You will never look back!

Once we have got rid of the bad stuff and changed the enviroment of the gut is it time to rebuild, nourish, restore, heal and revitalise the body with good quality food, 

Internal Organs That Need To Be  Detoxed

​The body works as an amazing network, each major organ detoxes itself continually, but to perform at optimum levels over time they need a little help from you to proform as they did when you were younger.  Imagine 40 and 50 years of build up.  Think of your kitchen sink, how much gung builds up over time and the effects of a block drain.  The same thing takes place in the body only you cannot see it, but you feel the effects as the body talks to you by developing sympthoms as a warning sign that things are not going to well. 

The Liver is the largest internal   organ in the body, cleansing on a regular basis, helps to increase its effectiveness to continual detox

  Internal cleansing of the small and   large intestine, promotes good           health, and decrease a variety of       stomach issues 

Kidney failure is not talked about much, but it is very important to cleanse the kidnys on a regular basis to prevent kidney disease 

Here Are the Top Reasons Why You Need To Cleanse and Alkalise Your Body

  • Alkalise vs Acidic 
    Alkalising the pH of the body protects you from inflammation and disease in the body.  Disease cannot flourish in an alkaline body.                                                                                                                     Acidosis of the body causes inflammation and disease, including cancer.  Disease flourishes in an acidic enviroment . 
  • Your body will love you
    Your body will love you back, if you give the body what it needs it will heal itself.  Modifying your diet for healthy living, will keep you free from disease and the doctor!  Eating an abundance of fruit and vegetables in a rainbow of colours will give you the nutrients you need to feed and repair your body.
  • Prevents Premature Aging
    If you would like to live a long and healthy life, cleansing the body every 6 months/once each year will keep you healthy, rich in health and keep you looking years younger than your years.  Looking 10 to 20 years younger than your biological age.  Its not about living long.  Its about a quality of life whilst living long.

The Solution To Your Future Health is in Your Hands...

So I have set the scene, alot of what I have mentioned today, some of it you aleady know, but sometimes we just need a little reminding and a some motivation to start the process.  Most of us also need some help to get the job done.  Thats where I come in, I am here to help and guide you through the process of reaching your goal.  I am not here to sell you anything, just use me as a mentor to get you through your dark days when it is s struggle to carry on.  What I have to offer you is a structured plan of action to help you alleviate your struggle or pain

I used this very same program 15 years ago, it helped me to stop using sugar, which prior to this program I found it very hard to do. I have eaten very little processed food since, I hold my hands up sometimes I have a treat!  Everything is ok small quantities, and I do drink red wine!  This is a great way to make the transition from eating a not so healthy diet to eating a very healthy diet, without noticing, because whilst on the plan you are so focused and the changes are so apparent, you begin to enjoy the results instead of focusing on what you can't eat.  You will love it! You will Love the results.  You will exhale at last......

My Releal: The Mind Body And Soul Experience

If you are looking for something different, you have found it.  This is not just a diet plan, it is a mind body and soul experience, structured to suit your every needs, in the quest for beauty from the inside out, stay forever young, with my pampering routines to enhance your beauty and inspirational quotes to fuel your mind.

Delicious and simple, easy to prepare meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, with afters included......   Easy to follow instructions and recommendation for preparation and planning, that will keep you organinsed and prepard for each day.

Simple information and explanation on the body and why it is important to detox your body and the necessary mindset for disipline needed to stay on track.  Charts that track your progress and what you will experience as you go through the Plan.  Lists to make sure you achieve all your daily requirements to get the best results from the progam.

Introducing The Lifetime Membership Site 

30-Day Alkaline Detox Online 

Access to The ultimate internal cleansing program, a plan that is not only a detox program, but a mind body and spirit experience.  The 30 Day Alkaline Detox Online, in just 30 days will transform our life, beyond belief.  The Lifetime Membership Site with a one time payment allows you to do the program year after year for you and your family.  It is not just a detox program but a lifestyle change.

What you will get, a self assessment, to make sure you are in good enough health to embark on this program, and information.  A list of things to eat on the detox plan, a list of thing not to eat on the plan, tracking your daily list of things to do, Shopping List, recipes, holistic treatments and much more.

  1. ​A Lifestyle Change not A Diet:  This is the best solution for changing your life, to be free from disease and pain.  Prevention is better than cure.  It gets to the heart of the problem
  2.  Achieve great and lasting results: You will feel energised, rejuvenated, revitalised and radiant, improve your hormones for a better mood and strengthen your immune system.
  3.  Help to change your habits: helps you to form new habits that will become rituals for good health, and get rid of bad habits that are cause the of ill health.

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Michalia Dawes
Creator of The 30-Day Alkaline Detox Online

About the Author

Thank you for stopping by today, If you are reading this section, this topic is of great interest to you, I hope I can be a contributary factor in helping you to overcome your personal challenge.

My mission is to help women and men to achieve optimum health to look and feel years younger at any age, to have a quality of life. I am a single mother of 2 children, I have had a very colourful array of life experiences, ranging from former Model, Designer, Facial Personal Trainer, to Alternative Health Consultant for the past 15 years, With over 40 years experience beauty, fashion and health and wellness helping to change thousands of lives, through healthy living.  The 30 Day Alkaline Detox is a passion of mine I have used it over the last 15 years to help myself.  Now at the age of 62 to look 25 years younger.  60 is the new 40! It can work for you too.

Are you thinking I could never give up bread/pasta, white rice and cakes

I though so too, so did many of my clients we thought that we could never get used to not eating, bread, pasta, white rice and cakes.  Truth is to our suprise as we began to see and feel the results of  not including these processed food in our daily diet and as the weeks went by the cravings stopped.  Even more surprisingly we did not want to include them after the 30 days had passed.  Would you agree that if you can elliminate these processed food from your diet it is a good thing, as they have very little nutritional benefits.

What about the fibre I get from grains.  Vegetables and fruits contain more fibre than grains, its just that we eat bigger portions of processed grains all at once.  Also fruits and vegatables have much more nutrients than grains do.  You will be getting all these nutrients but without having to worry about gluten, lectins and phytic acids.   Which affect the digestive system, in most people, even without them being aware.

I dont have the time to detox

I understand where you are coming from, most of my clients are of this opinion.  With busy lifestyles it is difficult to make time.  But can I ask you do you have the time to be sick?  But when sickness takes you we have to have the time there is not choice, as it takes a hold.  Investing time to take care of yourself first.  In times of emergencies you are asked to put your mask on before you can help anyone else.   

I diet plan has a lot of time saving tips for preparation and planning.  With preparation and forward planning it is easy to be organised to get through the 30 days ​

Advantages vs Disadvantages


The Pros List

  • You will have renewed energy, vitality, rejuvenated, motivated and feeling good
  • You will have less aches and pain and have lost weight
  • You will have alkalized your body, and will have less inflammation and cleansed your vital organs
  • You will have a healthy glowing and better looking skin
  • You will have rid your body of toxic waste, lost weight, speeded up you metabalism and reduced cellulite

The Cons List

  • You will be feeling tired, low energy levels, lethargic and lack of motivation
  • You will have aches and pain and be carrying extra weight
  • You will have an acidic body inflammation and prone to chronic disease and ill health
  • You will have dry tired, premature looking skin
  • You will have toxic waste, bloated, a sluggish metabalism, water retention and over weight

Here's a "What You Get" when you decide to invest in yourself today!

  • Access the 30 Day Alkaline Detox Online Membership Site
  • One time purchase for a Lifetime Membership
  • A complete structured Diet Plan and Lifeslye Change Information on internal cleansing
  • A Maintenance and Aftercare Program
  • Recipes, Shoping Lists, Beauty Treatments, positive mental inspitiation, 30 Day daily tracking
  • Health Assessment Test 
  • Bonuses:  1. Water Therapy  2.  Top 40 Super Foods  3. Top 10 Anti-aging Tips   4. Types of Fasting

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get great changes from the 30 day alkaline detox diet plan, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

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P.S.:: I look forward to meeting you on the other side of the link below, take action today, this investment guarantees to give you invaluable lifetime changes, that you can turn into ritual habits to put you in control of your own health.  Take advantage of this Lifetime Membership Offer, as it is only available for a promotional period.

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