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Shane Melaugh,
Thrive Themes

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What You Get in Our 7 Day Mentoring Support

You will receive daily support to your FREE 7 Day Face Lift Diet Plan to enhance the experience  and results                   


Why do you need Mentoring

You can do this alone, but having me giving you instructions daily, is like speaking to a friend for support to keep you on track.

It is amazing, but you can actually change the way you look by your diet and exercise, tighten the skin, lessen jowls, brighten your eyes, improve your skin tone, to achieve a mini face lift

Diet and exercise can affect the way we age dramatically,


Facial Massage 

Facial massage is one of my secret  weapon to lookging year younger

Facial Masssage, as part of your 7 day face lift course will help you to get even better results. smoother brighter younger looking skin.

Having me as a mentor over the next 7 days you will get extra secrets and tips to enhance your results.

For Men & Women


Lose 7 lbs in 7 Days 

Mentoring support will help to excellorate your weight loss

You will get instant access to our V.I.P Facebook group where you can ask questions 

You can expect to lose about  3 to 7lb in 7 days with the special face lift diet plan if followed correctly, adding your daily  mentoring will help you stay on track, and answer anything you are not sure of.

Get a Natural Face Lift in 7 Days - Food - Massage -Exercise

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Shane Melaugh,
Thrive Themes

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