How would you like to tke a deeper look inside your body?

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Taking responsibility for your own health

The QBI Body Scan has a 95% accuracy, working with the magnetic field of your

body in a few minutes you are able to get the result to see how acidic your body is,

what deficiencies of vitamins and minerals you have so that you can correct imbalances

Imbalances of vitamins and minerals are at the heart of most disease in the body.

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Benefits of a QBI Health Scan

  • Holistic view of the body
  • 95% accruacy
  • The ability to use prevention as a cure
  • Puts you in control
  • Tells you what nutrients you are deficient in
  • Gives you 33 results  –  each part of the body
  • Gives you a solution to correct disease if any
  • You cannot put a price of your health

Health Checkins only available in the London and surrounding areas

Personal one to ones also available

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