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Heart Disease

Heart Disease











Heart Disease

Dear friends, Today we are talking about heart disease.  I am not a Doctor or medical person for that matter.  I am talking you today about heart disease as part of my anti-ageing health today because, when you talk about anti-ageing most people smile and take it for a joke, as they conjure up pictures of plastic surgery, face lifts creams and potions etc.

Anti-ageing health is a serious matter and it starts from the inside.  No matter who you are and where you are whilst reading this post, the age that your heart is, is the age that you are!  If you are over 35 no matter how young you are on the outside your heart may not look the same on the inside!

Heart Disease No.1



Heart Disease is the No.1 cause of death in the world today.  Most people associate heart disease with men but heart disease is also rising amongst women too.  We do have a crisis on our hands as 80 million Americans have cardiovascular disease, that is more than 1 in 3 Adults. that is higher than cancer, respiratory disease, accidents and diabetes put together.  2 of the main factors are obesity and lack of exercise.


Protecting Your Heart

  •  Exercise should be top of your list.  The heart is a muscle and needs to be strengthened and toned to perform at maximum potential.
  • Healthy eating, lots of anti-oxidants, from fresh fruits and vegetables, anti- oxidants anti-oxidise – neutralises free radicals, caused by the very same oxygen that we breath, that is helping to rust our bodies away!
  • Water – the body needs lots of water to function properly, so does the heart. The body is 70% water.
  • Good Fats – bad fats – saturated fats are the enemy they clog up the arteries.  The body needs fats, good fats  Omega 3, 6 and 9 rich food protects – unsaturated fats.
  • Calcium the heart also needs calcium to perform properly.
  • The Heart needs Nitric oxide to perform efficiently.  Lack of nitric oxide is one of the major underlying cause of heart and circulatory problems of the body.  Nitric oxide occurs naturally in the body, but diminishes as we age.

Find out more about Nitric oxide from the Experts, (click on the experts, then click on big trouble) Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Joseph Pendergast, MD.  Founder of ProArgi 9.

ProArgi 9,  contains L-Arginine, L-Arginine in the body converts into Nitric Oxide, a miracle molecule.

Some Benefits,

  • Reduces stress on the heart and improves the circulation.
  • Promotes healthy Blood Pressure levels.
  • Find out more about the solutions of ProArgi 9 and what it can do for you.

What are you doing to protect yourself and your loved ones against the long term effect of heart disease?

Please share this or pass it on to those that you care about.

Thank you.


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