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Natural Face Lift




How to get a natural face lift is a question most people would like the answer to. Time changes everything; the ravages of time also affects the facial contours of the face, from the age of 35, the changes start to be quite visible. Over the past 30 years, most women and men normally opted for a surgical face lift.  But trends are changing as people become more educated, about alternative and less intrusive ways of looking younger. Science also plays a part in the mindset as skincare products have become more sophisticated. We also have new innovated high-tech spa equipment that enhance beauty, in ways not possible 30, 20 even 10 years ago. I was quite lucky, at the age of 36 I was introduced to facial exercises. I have done them ever since! In fact, I used to teach facial exercises! It was great fun. I think it is the ultimate way to get a natural face lift, just like we exercise the body, so why not the face?

In the quest for beauty, youthful appearance and the pressure of peers, careers, personal lifestyles there have never been so much interest in the lifting of the face. It has become a multi-billion dollar industry, everyone is trying to cash in on peoples fears and insecurities of getting old!


Here are the top 4 ways to achieve a natural face lift


1. Facial Exercises for a Natural Face Lift

Female Human Face Anatomy












Facial exercises are a great and natural way to achieve a natural face lift, you the customer is in control, once learned you can do them anywhere any place any time. They are simple, easy, natural, effective and anyone can do them at any age and point in one’s life. I can talk about facial exercises with great passion and authority as I have been doing the for about 25 years! They have allowed me to look 25 years younger than my actual years, so they come top of my list and very well recommended. The face has 52 muscles, which differently from the body, as they are actually attached to the skin, so anywhere the muscles go the skin actually goes with it!



2. Facial Massage to get a Natural Face Lift

Next on the list comes facial massage (face yoga), facial massage works differently to facial exercises as it is a passive workout for the face, generally someone else is doing it for your. Facial massage is a lymphatic drainage of the face, as toxins and waste are drained away from the face through the massage. It improves the blood flow, therefore brightening, toning and lifting the face. It is a wonderful feeling, very relaxing, as it drains away tension from the face. There are many holistic benefits of facial massage for a feel good factor.


3. The Galvanic Spa Treatment

The Galvanic Spa treatment is another form massage for the face. The galvanic spa system is a facial instrument, using electrical currents and interchangeable conductors for the face. It is an easy and effective home spa that delivers great results, as it works at the cellular level, stimulates blood flow and muscle contraction to improve the circulation and muscle tone. A great tool to give a face lift, refine, revitalised and rejuvenated face for glowing, younger looking skin. Spa’s have been using this kind of treatment for years, using very expensive equipment. The The Galvanic Spa treatment can be used in the comfort of you home for a fraction of the price. To give better than salon results, as you can use as often as you like!


4. Improved Diet for a Natural Face Lift

Just simple dietary changes or modification can help to give you a face lift as you improve the quality of food you eat, by actually exchanges poorer quality skin for firmer younger looking skin. In just 5 to 7 days you can improve your facial contours and give yourself a face lift, lose weight and tone your skin at the same time. The best and fastest way is to eat as much of your food as raw as possible. In fact, I would urge you to pick up a free copy of my 7 Day Face Lift Diet. So you can try it for yourself. This works because you are giving yourself more vitamins and antioxidants which are vital for delaying aging. You can reverse the signs of aging at any age by losing weight and giving yourself a better diet, packed full of nutrients, also supplementation of good quality anti-oxidants to give yourself a boost.


5. Take Action

To qualify for the 7 Day Face Lift Diet program you just need to like our Facebook Page and then opt in to download the 7 Day Face Lift Diet eBook. If you have any questions, please leave a message on our Facebook page.

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