They say diamonds are a girls best friend! And yes diamonds are wonderful and precious but even if you are lucky enough to own one or many of these precious wonders I personally think they come second to good skincare and makeup, well for me personally anyway.  For centuries way back to the times of Cleopathra we saw the way makeup played a very important role, displaying glamour beauty and power.  In todays society makeup is high fashion the whole industry revolves around colour and makeup bringing confidence, and enhancing self esteem to millions of women all round the world.

True beauty comes from within, but good makeup can be used to enhance that beauty beyond limitless boundries if applied correctly, the art of perfection.  From Super Models down to the high street makeup plays a huge role in the lives of Women and some Men!  all round the world.  And generates millions in revenue, so power to makeup a girls best friend!


Contrary to popular belief makeup is actually good for you, it is better for you to wear makeup as to not wearing makeup.  Makeup is a protection, it acts as a barrier and protects your skin from the elements and some good makeup come with a sun protection.


Finding good quality makeup and the right texture and shade for your complexion is very hard.  It takes time, trial and error to get a good match and you are very lucky if you are one of the lucky ones to find that perfect match.   The arrival of mineral makeup is a blessing as it is much healthier for the skin and because it is more natural.  Infact mineral makeup has been around since the  mid 70’s but has only really taken hold main stream over the last few years as most make up lines carry a range of mineral makeup.


To get a good finish to applied makeup, as with anything preparation is key to getting great results.  Lets work backwards it is very important if you wear make up to never sleep in it! Easier said than done hey.  If you sleep in makeup it is a disaster waiting to happen, bad ageing skin, maybe not today but surely tomorrow.  So a good skincare routine is crucial, two times a day morning and evening, cleanse, tone and moisturise, with the right products for your skin type.


Chosing the right colour foundation makeup for your skin type and tone is important for longer lasting make that lasts throughout the day.   If you have oily or combination skin an oil free makeup choice will best suit your skin.  Dry skin a cream based make will best suit your skin and a normal skin a medium based makeup is best suited.


Chosing the right colour makeup can make or break you, if you do all the other steps right and get this one wrong if can be the different of looking good to looking fantastic!  To get the best shade for your face it is important to chose your colour in daylight, as lighting can change the way you see colour.  Try three difference shades  nearest to your skin colour on your jawline as the colour on your neck is your true colour and you will want to match it up with your face.  Blend the  three colours into your skin and the one that disappears is the one that is your true colour.   It is advisable to change your makeup texture and colour as the season change, you will need a lighter makeup in the summer months.






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