Optimum Health Program 1

The Optimum health program is primarily for my local offline customers, I am now also making this program available for online customers, because it is so effective and is very beneficial for people over 30 or anyone at any age, who are interested in achieving optimum health.  Thus taking control and responsibility for your own health taking it out of the hands of the your local health system.  Don’t get me wrong, I have every admiration and respect for doctors and nurses, they are doing a great job and we need them.  When necessary I believe both system have to work together for best results.  But firstly you owe it to yourself to take preventative measures to take care of your own health.
Optimum health program 1 is a 3 month program the focuses primarily on cleansing of the internal organs of the body for optimum health.  Starting with the bowels, a very powerful colon cleanse to kick start your 3 month program.  By breaking down years of build up of fetal matter.   Then a powerful whole body general cleanse, with a herbal detox blend, that whilst breaking down and eliminating years of waste build up in the body, gets rid of inflammation, bacteria, parasites, is anti-fugal and anti- septic.  Also cleaning the blood of fatty build up, reducing cholesterol and blood vicosity cleanse the lungs, the intestine and continual cleansing of the colon.  The by product of this exercise of cleansing is to prepare the body to get the most out of the food and nutritional supplements that you consume. For repair, regeneration, revitalization and healing.  The body will heal its self given the right food and harvested in the right climate in the body.


For Online Customers

Month 1

Pre-Detox preperation

Internal Cleansing of Colon, parasites, inflammation etc


Month 2

Liver Cleanse             2 Days

Kidney Cleanse          10 day cleanse

Liver Cleanse            2 Days


Month 3

Lifestyle Change, Alkalise the body through Dietary Modification of food, to improve the pH of the body to reduce inflammation and disease.  Plus Optional  Supplementation

30 Day Alkaline Cleanse             Shopping List

Cost $195.00



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Anti-Aging Health Centre is designed to help you find solutions to improve your health and youthfulness using prevention as an alternative rather than cure.  With natural holistic programs, producing amazing results for optimum health.  40 is the new 30 and 60 is the new 40.  Find out how.

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