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Optimum skincare health is an essential part of your beauty regime, to attain optimum beauty.  We all crave to the the most beautiful that we can be to enhance what nature has given us.  Some more than others, but we are all beautiful in some way.  Even though we are our own worse critic!  Everyone has something beautiful about them.  Ultimately beauty is in the eye of the beholder! smile!



I am talking skincare today as I am excited  to share with you an amazing skincare routine, that I just know will make a difference in your life to enhance you skincare routine for the most perfect skin. I have been massaging my face for about 20 years now and I look years younger than my years, so I am the go to expert when it comes to staying younger and looking younger.  I designed and provided a service called Facial Yoga, a 2 hour facial with an hour massage within the facial as part of my anti-aging program. For my offline clients.  This service is no longer available, but I have a universal program that you can acquire anywhere in the world, in the comfort of your own home, to help you combat the ravages of time, for the ultimate skincare routine.


The top 20  plus benefits of facial massage

  1. Lymphatic drainage of facial toxins and waste
  2. Releases tensions and relieves stress
  3. Refines and smooths the skin
  4. Revitalises the skin
  5. Minimises and softens bags and sags
  6. Brightens and tones the skin
  7. Relieves a tired look
  8. Addresses cross linking
  9. Rejuvenates the skin
  10. Minimises lines
  11. Improves circulation
  12. Gets Rid of puffiness
  13. Get rid of dark circles
  14. Nourishes the skin
  15. Hydrates the skin
  16. Stimulates cellular growth
  17. Gives a glow and radiance to the face
  18. Facial Fitness
  19. Natural face Lift
  20. No need for botox
  21. No need for surgery
  22. In the convenience of your home



That was then, online, this is now, I recommend to you the ultimate facial massager, to give you the skin that you have always dreamed of, younger, firmer, toned, refined, radiant, visuable younger looking skin.  I recommend the Valganic Spa as part of my 7 days face lift diet. To offer online my program of 7 day face lift with facial massage.  To obtain a youthful look at any age, is the know how, naturally without the intrusion of invasive surgery. Choose to look years younger with diet exercise and facial massage. You can achieve the natural face lift in 7 days maybe for a special occasion, hot date, or just a part of your maintenance routine. Save yourself salon prices by investing in a lifetime program in the convenience of your own home.  This puts you in the driving seat to take care of your own destiny.  Can you feel the passion?  I love this sharing is caring!



Get the look! ultimate skincare health, at your finger tips, the 7 day face lift diet and the valganic spa, for perfect desirable looking skin.  To get your FREE copy of my Ebook, like our Facebook Page and then opt-in to our Opt-in box, leave your name and email address, to get instant access to the 7 Day face Lift Diet and how to get your hands on the Valganic Spa at discount prices.  Be the first to get our latest posts and offers.

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