Green Living


Good for the Environment

We are the Clean, Green Company

Our focus has always been on environmental wellness. At Melaleuca, we were green long before being green was popular. For almost 30 years, we’ve been leading the way in selling concentrated products and preserving nature’s resources.

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Preferred Customer membership at Melaleuca saves you money on high quality, safe products, and delivers a host of exclusive benefits.  Top quality products at everyday prices, with a 95% customer loyalty.  Go green help the environment.

Saving the environment is formost in the front of most health conscious individuals as climate change spiral out of control.  We can all do our bit by reducing our carbon foot print.  Using environmently friend household product can be a possitive step to making a change.

Melalueuca products are all environmently friendly by using all natural ingredients, harsh chemical free, no, bleach, no chlorine, no phosphates, using Melaleuca tea oil as the foundation of their products.

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