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Plan for Weight Loss










Plan For Weight Loss

Plan for weight loss, weight Loss, the story is endless.  We lose the weight, we gain the weight, not that we want to or mean too!  As we age the bodies metabolic system slows down automatically.  Hence the challenge.  How do we lose the weight and keep it off?  Well if I know the answer I would be a billionaire!   Because there are books, articles, videos, trainers, personal trainers, coaches etc., and we still have the same problem!  It is individual, personal, a mindset, needs, discipline, consistency, persistence and mind over matter.

Sincerely there is no secret, no mystery, we all know if we consume more calories than we use we will gain weight.  But is it that simple?  Yes it is for most of us, there are some genetic conditions that are not in this box, but generally this is it!


Plan for weight loss! is one of the single most important action you should take before starting a weight loss program.


We have to plan for weight loss, meaning we have to plan for success, because if we fail to plan, we plan to fail.  To lose weight most of us stop eating, that is the biggest mistake! Because the body shuts down thinking there is going to be a famine, hanging on to the very fat that we desperately desire to lose.

Here are 7 Weight Management Tips that if you plan them into your personal weight loss plan will help you to achieve a healthier and more sustainable weight lose.


Weight Management Plan

Weight management plan is key for success, but to  lose the weight and keep it off this weight management plan has to be your bible for the rest of your life, once you find the weight management plan that work, that is.  The key corner stones that have been found to work are:


Weight Management Tip 1

Find an easy to follow plan that can easily fit into your lifestyle that you feel you can stick to, to avoid  putting the weight back on.

The relationship between you and your weight loss plan is just like any other relationship, for it to work you need to be committed and loyal to the plan.


Weight Management Tip 2.

Protein is your best friend, whilst trying to loose weight, most of us, cut it down to a minimum when trying to lose weight, but it is the opposite.  If protein is omitted from the diet when you lose weight the skin sags and loses its form. Protein helps to build muscle. Weight loss without form is not attractive.


Weight Management Tip 3

Exercise whilst trying to loose weight is one of the most important component.  Exercise speeds up the metabolism, builds muscle and burns fat.  The body carries on burning the fat from the exercise hours after the exercising has stopped.


Weight Management Tip 4

Drink lots of water, water breaks down fat, helps to eliminate cellulite, plump up the skin, hydrates the skin and breaks down and gets rid of toxins, also keeps you feeling full.  Recommended to drink  2 to 3 liters  of water daily.


Weight Management Tip 5

Eliminate all bread, rice and pasta from your diet whilst trying to loose weight.  For maintaining weight eat brown whole wheat, bread, rice and pasta, or rye bread.


Weight Management Tip 6

Eat as much raw food as possible, raw food is best, you will get more valuable nutrients from vitamins, minerals and enzymes.


Weight Management Tip 7

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables to get the anti-oxidants you need to stay healthy whilst loosing weight.


Plan for weight loss, will ensure that you stay on a successful program.

These are just a few suggestions and proven strategies that work great as a plan for weight loss, if you need help, please join my Weight Loss Challenge starting soon


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