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To enhance our anti-ageing programme of facial exercise, detox purification, and antioxidant supplements, you need a good skincare routine.  A good skincare routine is paramount in the quest for optimum youthfulness. Each step is important in its own right.

STEPS 1 to 5

1.   Cleansing will get rid of daily grime and makeup

2.  Toning will complete the cleansing process and refine your pores.

3Moisturisers, will hydrate, condition and protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment.  Moisturising the skin is      vital for good  skin especially as we get older.  Dehydrated skin is very ageing and unattractive.

4.  Masking or exfoliating will exfoliate the skin to get rid of dead surface skin cells. As the skin ages, the skins renewal process            slows down so it needs a helping hand.  Exfoliating stops the skin from looking dead, lifeless and dull, which it will do if we do not      exfoliate as we get older. It also refines large pores and removes surface oils from oily skin.

5. Foundation or protect, apart from evening out patchy or uneven skin tone to harmonise your skin colour.  Foundation also           protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment.  Most good foundation will have a sun protection factor in them-up       to a factor 15.


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Mary Kay Timewise Anti-Ageing Skincare range creates targeted skin care products with ingredients that are carefully chosen and rigorously tested by scientists in the Mary Kay Skin Care Laboratories to ensure that their products are safe and effective in delivering results.



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AGELOC Tackles the source of ageing, through ageLOC science, NuSkin was able to identify certain genes that can influence the way we look as we look as we age.  these functional groups of genes are key.  The AgeLOC Anti-ageing Skincare, compliments the ageLOC Facial Massage.



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The Alternative, anti-ageing skincare range. The Appliance of Nature and Science.  An attractive skincare range that is chemically free all natural ingredients.  A great choice for those wishing to choose a green product.


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Ultimate luxury! The Caviar Deluxe Skincare Range, Beauty code of Switzerland. Natural extract of Caviar, the perfect Anti-ageing Solution.





Miracle Cream –   Day and Night Solutions

For maturing skin, 24 hours, 7 days a week daily protection and renewal  to protect and enhance the skins daily damage and renewal cycle.

Day solution – protects your skin, most day solutions contain ( Retinyl Palmitate a vitamin A derivative) to boost the skins own ability to produce collagen, also sun protection 15.  Most good anti-ageing skincare range have a day solution that is used under your moisturiser.

Night solution – rejuvenates your skin as you sleep, mostly contain Vitamins A and E plus beta hydroxy acid which gently exfoliates the skin, helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

As we get older, the mature skin needs extra help to be at its optimum best.  On the market there are now what we call miracle creams that will help to minimise fine lines, nourish the skin and improve the skins texture.

If you do not opt for a miracle cream, you will definitely need a good night cream for mature skin.


The delicate skin around the eyes need a finer moisturiser to penetrate the skin, there are also eye gels to help firm the eye area.


I would recommend that everything you do for the face, you should do for the neck. Treat the neck as part of the face.


As we age moisturising the body becomes even more important. But moisturising starts from the inside the body outwards.  The body needs extra oils, so consuming an omega 3′ rich diet is of maximum important.  I also recommend flaxseed oil, nature’s miracle nutrient!  It  slows down ageing and moisturises the body from the inside one of the good oils!

Moisture, moisture.  Moisturising the body from the outside is also very important, moisturising, to keep the bodies skin looking youthful, hydrated and conditioned.  Exfoliate the body at least once a week, to get rid of dry dead skin as the bodies skin renewal process slows down,  to keep the skin bright and refined, Hollywood style!!


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