I have known Michalia for nearly five years and I totally recommend her to you.

She has a wide medical knowledge, has studied the close connection between a person’s lifestyle, eating habits, and how much both impact on the person’s health and bodily shape.

Michalia backs up her own judgement with using a diagnostic machine which shows clearly whether the individual will need supplements to make up for insufficient levels of – for example – calicium, potassium, vitimums etc.

Michalia gives you plenty of information and explains anything you are unsure of. When Michalia suggests a plan of action,it will be tailored to your situation, she works holistically, covering all aspects of your well-being – not just one area. You will be very greatly helped if you follow the plan designed specifically for you – the overall benefit is surprising.

Speaking from a personal level, I have rheumatoid arthritis, I am 80 years old and wheelchair bound. 5 years ago I was a mess. I live alone, had neglected my diet – insufficient protien and vegetables, didn’t drink enough water. With poor circulation, my legs were swollen and painful (not helped being wheelchair bound. Michalia has changed all this. My general health/diet is now good – I have taken charge of my life again. Marvellous!

Patricia Delargy (80 years)

Muswell Hill, North London.


I have always kept fit but never found a structured exercise routine for my face until I met Michalia. Her regime not only concentrates on the face but includes breathing and the entire upper body which makes this stand out from other facial exercises that just concentrate on the face muscles.
After a six week course I was very impressed with the results. My skin now feels smoother and firmer and six months later some fine lines have already disappeared. The best part is that I can exercise my face at work, in the car, while watching TV, in fact anywhere. I would recommend her system of facial exercise to everyone interested in fighting the “ageing process”.

Ann (age 45 yrs)

Southgate, North  London.


I am delighted to write a testimonial for Michalia, through whose encouragement and one-to-one expert tuition I have learnt the art of facial exercise techniques.  With her help I have been able to tighten my facial and neckline muscles, resulting in a gradual and visible improvement to my appearance.

Michalia s regime is a true miracle! Instead of paying thousands of pounds for cosmetic surgery, I have been able to reverse the ageing process naturally and providing I set aside time on a regular basis to maintain my exercise programme my new youthful appearance should be easily maintained into a ripe old age.

M. Wueschner  ( aged 56 yrs)



I met Michalia in the Summer of 2003.  I put her in the category of age 28 – 35.  I was astonished by not just her looks but also her youthfulness, when I was told her age her age.

I then asked her for her secrets (if any).

I had no hesitation in trying her course of facial exercises.  I started a week later.  I feel great now I can see the benefits.  My face has firmed up,

In fact four months after I started the exercises a friend that had not seen me for awhile, asked me if I have had a face lift!  I would definitely recommend facial exercises.

Maria, Age 50 years

Barnet, North London.