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 Detox Superfoods

The Top 13 Superfoods

Adding foods from the top 13 superfoods to your diet will greatly improve your health.  Everyone is talking about Superfoods, a while ago superfoods were considered to be exotic and unobtainable foods, such as acai berries, mangosteen, noni, etc. However, now many mainstream fruits and vegetables are now considered superfoods. Which is very good news.  We all like to think that we are getting the best possible nutrients that are going to give power to the body!  Superfoods are desirable as they are foods high in antioxidant and have high ORAC rates (the rate at which the body absorbs these antioxidants into the body).

The Top 13 Superfood List

1. Berries

2. Mangosteen

3. Pomegranate

4. Avocado

5. Tomatoes

6. Broccoli

7. Kale

8. Quinoa

9. Nuts

10. Beans

11. Sweet Potatoes



The Importance of Variety

It is important to have an array range of colours in your diet to get a wide range of antioxidant vitamins from your superfoods and food in general. Failure to do this will result in deficiencies and premature aging as most of us stick to the vegetables and food that we like, inevitably we are leaving many nutrients on the table! With a little thought and creativity we could get more from our diet, or a more balanced diet. I have add a variety of superfoods, other than vegetables and fruits that essential for a balanced diet, such as quinoa, nuts and sweet potatoes. Quinoa is a great substitute for white rice, pasta, flour etc.  Sweet potatoes are a better substitute for white potatoes.

Natural Detox Cleanse

The 30 Day Alkaline Detox online is a great opportunity to incorporate some of these nutritious superfoods, where you will find lots of delicious detox diet recipes to try over a 30 day period. 30 Day Alkaline Detox will cleanse the body of toxins, excessive build up of waste, cleansing the much-burdened, intestines, colon, liver, kidneys and blood. Clear your body of excess caffeine, alcohol, processed food and lose weight whilst you build new superior tissues, for a healthier fitter body. The program consists of natural detox cleanse, dietary modification and nutritional supplements. It takes 30 days to create a new habit. Exchange old habits for new lasting habits that will serve you well, that will give you a new revitalised, energised and rejuvenated body, giving you the power to heal your body naturally. A very informative and educational program, a one off, one payment for a lifetime membership site. The Site will be upgraded continuously with up-to-date nutritional information. Lots of detox diet recipes, step by step guide and mentoring as well as maintenance and aftercare program. $197 introductory price £97 (£60.00) If you have any questions or would like more information, please leave a message on our Facebook Page.

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