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Understanding Legal Terms and Agreements: Your Questions Answered

Question Answer
What is an internship agreement with stipend? An internship agreement with stipend is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of an internship, including the payment of a stipend to the intern. It serves as a binding contract between the intern and the company hosting the internship.
What is the full form of CMA in commerce, and what is the salary associated with it? CMA stands for Certified Management Accountant. It is a professional certification in financial management and accounting. The salary for CMAs can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and industry.
What is the legal knife blade length in California? The legal knife blade length in California is 2.5 inches. It is important to be aware of knife laws in your area to avoid any legal issues.
What is an income share agreement at App Academy? An income share agreement at App Academy is a payment plan option for students. Instead of paying tuition upfront, students can agree to pay a percentage of their income after they graduate and land a job in the industry.
What are the body camera laws in California? California has specific laws regarding the use of body cameras by law enforcement officers. It’s important to understand these laws if you work in law enforcement or are considering using body cameras in a professional capacity.
Can a job description be changed without agreement?

In general, a job description can be changed by an employer, but it is important to review any employment contract or agreement to understand the specific terms and conditions.
What is the legal age to buy beer in the USA? The legal age to buy beer in the USA is 21. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase alcohol, including beer.
Where can I find a free fillable sublease agreement? There are many websites that offer free fillable sublease agreements that can be customized to fit your needs. It’s important to use a legally sound document when subleasing a property.
What are the non-occupant co-borrower requirements for Freddie Mac? Freddie Mac has specific requirements for non-occupant co-borrowers when it comes to mortgage loans. It’s important to understand these requirements if you are considering acting as a co-borrower.
What are the backseat seat belt laws in Illinois? Illinois has specific laws regarding seat belt usage in the backseat of vehicles. It’s important to understand and follow these laws to avoid legal issues.