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Yes can you believe it, Summer is upon us! Holidays are looming in the air, with May and June if you are lucky to prepare.  Time to shed those extra winter pounds, easy to hide under baggy jumpers, not so easy in a bikini! Sorry you will have to excuse my sense of humour! Could not resist that one.

I am inspired, sorry folks have not blogged for a while very out of practice, so bare with me!  Weight loss is on everyone’s pulse right now whether it be a couple of pounds or a couple of stones or more.  As soon as the sun comes out there is pressure, but stress not, if you start now, even if you are not planning a holiday to some exotic beach, or even a break on your local sandy shores, it will feel good to look good for summer in your skinny jeans, slimline summer dress or just shorts and tea shirt.


The best way to loss weight is not to diet but to change you lifestyle and therefore let your weight loss be a by product of your lifestyle change.  Calorie counting is a thing of the past it is boring and counter productive, as soon as you stop counting the weight piles back on. Starving yourself thin is even worse as misery draws no comfort, as most of us live very busy lives, worse still it deprives you of all your energy.


Lets face facts there are countless ways for losing weight, every magazine you open there is some article on losing weight the latest and newest miracle way to loose weight.  There are countless pills covering pharmaceutical shelves everyone is cashing in on our misery. Everyone is different and everyone carries extra pounds for many different reasons, but one thing is for sure no one is ever happy with themselves, as we all have that perfect picture in our heads of how we would like to look.


Forget about dieting, erase that word from your vocabulary, lets move with lifestyle change, why lifestyle change, ask yourself, this question, why am I over weight?  We may all be different, and carry weight for different reasons.  But at the end of the day, everything boils down to taking in too much, and may be too much of the wrong food and drink and not using up enough of what we have taken in as energy.  We need to eat to live and not live to eat.  This is serious, let me repeat, we need to eat to live and not live to eat.


1.  Water   –  Drink  1.5 to 2 litres of water daily  –  The body is 70% water.

2.  Sleep    –   Get 7 to 8 hours  –  enough restorative sleep to stay well.

3.  Exercise  –   Exercise on a daily basis for healthy maintenance and quality of life

4.  Eat Live Food  –   Is your caloric intake appropriate for the amount of energy you are using. Are you eating the right types of foods? And what is your relationship with food?

5.  Stress Reduction/Awareness  – How well do you cope with adversity, having a full capacity of your mind and how well do you manage stress.

6.  Connection  – How well do you connect with yourself, others and your surrounding.

7.  Purpose and Passion  – Is your passion aligned with your personal values?  Do your spend time doing the things you are passionate about?

As you can see from above it is a lifestyle focused and food is half way down the list.  Just think of all the hard work our ancestors had to put in to get their daily bread! And all points listed above mattered for there survival as it does for our well-being today.


What does this mean for you and your weight loss for Summer,  the purpose is to have a paradigm shift in our relationship with food and diet.  How about cleansing from the inside to get rid of years of build up of toxic waste unwanted stored fat and replace bad habits for good, which will over time replace inferior body tissues for superior body tissues to create a slimmer, leaner  and healthier YOU!

If you are interested in getting ready for summer and shedding some weight loss.  I have a 30 day Alkaline Detox Online, Membership Site, which gives you all the information you need to internally cleanse your body.  Its the perfect solution to get in shape, help you shed the pounds, gives you bags of energy, glowing skin, a natural and healthy way that can help to get rid of cellulite!  Lots of pampering as well great recipes, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, healthy snacks and great juices!  You can even get me on board as your mentor to take you step by step over the 30 days!  You can also sign-up to my VIP Facebook Group, just for the Online Membership Site, where you can ask questions and get moral support from others on the program.

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Good luck in getting ready for Summer, hope I can be of help.

Bye for now

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