Weight management is the secret to success in maintaining your ideal weight!.  It is not just about weight loss.  We all have an ideal weight goal, some of us achieve that goal only to watch the lbs. pile back on.  If you are reading this page I can guess that this is also an issue of yours too. Weight loss is a trillion dollar industry!  Which comes as no surprise it is the most talked about.  Consuming subject on the planet.  As self image and image wrongly or rightly is very high profile.  I blame the media 🙂 well we have to blame some body.  The so-called role models are every where as we see celebrity after celebrity with the perfect body.   On the TV, in the magazines, in the newspapers and reality TV., as they strive for perfection.  Which leaves some of us feeling insecure, with low self esteem, self loathing and lack of confidence.

New research


It is not our fault, it is not genetic, scientists now believe the answer lay in our gut.  The microbiota in our gut is a living community with trillions of micro organisms.  In more numbers than cells in our own body.  The trick to taking control and managing our own body is to manage our gut flora.   It is not about our gut microbes running the show, but they will if we allow it. We have to take control, I won’t go into it now, but you can find out more by downloading a copy of the Gut Health Report.  Then you can read all about what food to eat and what food not to eat.   To create the right environment for good health.  Weight loss and weight control, at your own leisure.  The Gut Report.

The New Vitamin Pill


The new vitamin pill is not to pop a multivitamin pill daily, you need that also.  But more importantly it is to take a probiotic pill, to supplement and manage gut flora.  But all probiotics are not equal you will need to take one with as many strains of bacteria as possible and as large a quantity in volume as possible. And one that is well coated to get as many live bacteria to your small intestines.  To help populate your gut as quickly as possible to help manage your weight maintenance.


Good Bacteria v Bad Bacteria


Good bacteria enhances good health and well-being by promoting good gut health.  Strengthening our immune system, metabolizing bile acids, producing vitamin K,  B vitamins, especially vitamin 12 which is vital for cell production and repair.

Bad bacteria which will take over your body if you allow it.  They consume the nutrients produced by good bacteria and promote disease in the body.   Bad gut health is responsible for inducing inflammation and many gut complications such as a sluggish metabolism, bloating, leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune imbalances, allergies, metabolic syndrome,  pre-diabetes diabetes, liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, dementia etc.  Yes gut health is connected to brain health!



So you can see how complicated gut flora in the intestinal tract can be.  And why we can struggle with weight loss and weight control.   As we have so many diets on the market that do not address this issue.  Good metabolism is dependent on many factors.  The body needs to be treated holistically.  One area is not more important than the next.  Good gut bacteria without exercise, or a good healthy balanced diet will still cause problems.  This is a general view as there are other health factors that may impair achieving weight loss, such as thyroid imbalances etc.  Although thyroid imbalances can be addressed with dietary changes.

I recommend a lifestyle change not a diet.  A lifestyle change that incorporates a balanced healthy diet, exercise, drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water daily and at least 7 to 8 of sleep, as sleep also as a bearing on metabolism.

If you are looking for program that will help you into a transitional lifestyle change, I have the very program for you,  a 30 day alkaline detox program that will help you to process and transform your lifestyle.  It takes 21 days to form a new habit.  It is not a diet, or diet pill or potion.   But a holistic all over body experience, that will cleanse the colon, intestine, liver kidneys.   Eating healthily, exercise, spa treats, self assessment, recipes, daily tracking help, to monitor your progress.  Gut health.  Weight loss is a by product, of this program.   Aftercare and educational information on why it is important cleanse the body internally and fasting how it can extend your life span.  And me as a mentor, if you desire.

Don’t forget to take away your copy of the Gut Health Report, which goes into depth on gut health, foods to eat to create the right environment in your gut.  Of course it is not just about probiotics.  Good luck on your quest for optimum health and weight loss.  Have a good day.

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